Professional Eligibility Profiles


Eligible nominees must meet one of the followings profiles:


F - Founder

P - President

ED - Executive Director

ES - Executive Secretary

BM - Board Member


* Under 20 years old with international exposure and recognition for extraordinary contributions to global youth leadership. (Example: Jimmy Hurrell)

* P, ED, or ES of one of the regional youth platforms before the UN. (Example: European Youth Forum)

* Organizer of a major international youth conference that has created (or will create) world recognition and new communication channels for youth organizers. (Example: Youth Employment Summit)

* F, P, or ED of an organization that fills a unique, yet vital "niche" that is not met by any other NGO in the field of international youth organizing.  The "niche" much be relevant to transparency, democracy and/or diversity.  (Example: Interfaith Youth Core)

* F, P, ED, BM, or ES of a regional or global organization that organizes international gatherings to convene national level youth organizations (Example: World Assembly of Youth)

* F, P, or ED of a global youth organization that is entirely youth led, innovative, and stable (Example: Free the Children)

* F, P, ED, key youth staff member or youth BM of one of the 5 largest global youth organizations (Example: World Organization of the Scout Movement)

* Key, internationally recognized youth representative of a world religion or sect such as Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Sikhism, Jainism, Zoroastrianism, Ismailism, Sufism, the Bahai Faith etc. (Example: H H Karmapa Lama)

* P, ED, BM, or key youth staff member of a major International youth exchange program that is collaborative and that actively promotes and involves young people in decision-making (Example: Youth for Understanding)

* Internationally recognized young celebrity who has demonstrated leadership and commitment to addressing social issues (Example: Hafsat Abiola)

* Young employee of an inter-governmental, multi-lateral, or multi-sectoral institution that is focused on leadership,  collaboration and networking around global decision-making.  The nominee's professional responsibilities must be related to youth.  The nominee must have sporadic or ongoing access to global leaders (Example: World Economic Forum)

* Young employee of an internet portal dedicated to international networking and/or problem solving (Example:

* Young consultant to various youth programs who has experience facilitating youth gatherings, working in various different movements, and networking young organizers to each other on an international level (Example: Coumba Toure)

* Young person of earned or inherited wealth who is committed to funding international cooperation and collective action among youth organizations; further criteria for these individuals are outlined by (Example: Offspring of Bill Gates?)

* Young person who founded or led a project or initiative that changed his/her country (Example: Camilo Soares)

* Young employee of a major inter-organizational NGO that focuses on networking, youth and collaboration.  The nominee must have experience building youth networks (Example: W K Kellogg Foundation or Hague Appeal for Peace)