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Kundirat Initiative for Nigerian Democracy


Hafsat is the founder of KIND.  Her father, Masood Abiola, was won of Africa's most successful businessmen and philanthropists.  He was imprisoned by the Nigerian military when he won the 1993 presidential election.  Hafsat's mother, Kundirat, was assassinated in 1995 for protesting the military and the following year Hafsat started Kind to build democracy in her country.  She was orphaned in 1998 when her father mysteriously died in prison shortly before his release.  Hafsat is a graceful and dignified leader, and at the young age of 28 is changing her country and Africa.

Abu Younes


General Union of Arab Students


Elias is the chairman of GUAS, which is the middle-east regional platform of National Student Unions.



World Federation of Democratic Youth


Rasheed is the executive secretary of the WFDY, a 50 year old organization which gathers national youth bodies principally from countries that have socialist, communist governments or are simply ostibily anti-imperialist.



State of the World Forum

United States, CA

Sophia is one of the youngest employees of the SOWF.  The Forum started in 1995 when Gorbachev and other major innovative leaders gathered to discuss international issues.  In the years following the forum organized many additional regional and global gatherings.  In 1997 they held their first gathering young leaders concurrent with the annual event.  It was the seed of many intergenerational partnerships which continue until today.  In the past two years the forums energy has focused on the development and progress of a Commision on Globalization.



Youth Workshop - South Africa

South Africa

Razaan is a Sub-Saharan Africa youth coordinator for the Alliance for a Responsible and United World.  She is also a facilitator and trainer of youth in conflict prevention.  She participates in many internation conferences facilitating process and representing the voice of youth.



Junior Chamber International

United States, FL

Salvi is the president of JCI, which provides leadership development training to thousands of young people around the world.  Many social and political leaders are alumni of JCI.


Marianne "Mille"

Pioneers of Change


Mille is a native of Denmark but has lived in Burkina Faso, the United States and now South Africa.  She is a co-founder of Pioneers of Change, a global learning community that brings together thought-leaders and leading edge thought and analysis of education, economics, facilitation and shares it with young social entrepreneurs who are putting these new ideas into practice.



European Student Information Bureau (the European platform for National Student Unions)


Alex is the secretary general of ESIB, which is the European platform of the National Student Unions of the continent.




Theo is the founder of Ynternet, a technology solution provider and training program.  Ynternet has offered technology training programs as many international youth conferences.  Theo is also a philosopher and professional clown.



Youth Against Aids

United States, NY

Native to Kenya, Lydia became an AIDS activist and founded YAA after she watched her aunt die from the disease.  As a graduate from the United World Colleges she has mobilized young people from around the world to organize AIDS education programs and advocacy projects.  YAA links a network of youth AIDS programs in countries all over Africa.



World Assembly of Muslim Youth

Saudi Arabia

Deena is the WAMY representative before the UN.  WAMY is a global association of muslim youth.



The Hague International Model United Nations


Maria is the organizer of THIMUN, the world's oldest and most diverse gathering of Model United Nations.  The MUN movement enables students who study UN activities and hold mock UN sessions where students represent countries of their choice and debate issues.



World Alliance of Young Men's Christian Associations


Native to Peru, Yolanda is the assistant to the Secretary General of the World Alliance of YMCAs, which work with near 10 million youth in 100 countries around the world.



Asian Pacific Students Association

Hong Kong

Aaron is the APSA representative to the United Nations. The association gathers the National Youth Unions of the Asia-Pacific region and is one of the most powerful regional youth entities in the world.



Carribean Federation of Youth

St. Vincent

Bennet is a member of the St. Vincent National Youth Council and ther chairman of the CFY, the regional youth platform before the UN.



World Assembly of Youth


Native to Zimbabwe, Donald, 28, now lives in Malysia.  He is the Secretary General of WAY.  WAY is the world's oldest association of National Youth Councils.  Near 50% of the countries in the world have National Youth Councils making WAY one of the most representative youth platforms in the world.  In the past few years WAY has expanded its web site and convened regional meetings discuss youth employment and other youth issues.  WAY partners with the United Nations to organize youth participation in many global UN conferences.



Asian Youth Assembly


Biplove has a PhD in foreign trade policy. He works with the Society for Conflict Analysis and Resolution and helped organize the September 2001 Asian Youth Assembly which gathered grassroots youth activists from all over Asia for networking, community building, and regional policy development.




Jennifer is an animator and strategist.  At age 19 she co-founded  TIG is an online community change agents and one of the chief resources of youth organizing information on the Internet.  She was hired by Microsoft for a six month consultation on youth and technology.  Today Jennifer is 21.




United States, MA

Pascale has worked with many national and international youth organizations including Youth Venture (a project of the Ashoka Foundation) and Global Youth Connect (an international network of young human rights activists).  Pascale current works with Oxfam-USA organizing the Change Initiative which seeks to link and train University activists about globalization.

De Backer


Flemish Youth Council


Kurt is a member of the Flemish Youth Council and participates in many European-wide youth development initiatives.



Student Forum 2000

Czech Repulic

Ditta works with the Student Forum 2000, the youth wing of the Czech President Vaclav Havel's Forum 2000.  The student event has gathered young leaders from around the world for networking, dialogue, and training.  It has also brought youth participants to the Forum 2000 to debate with global leaders and consider strategies to address the challenges of corporate globalization.  The Forum 2000 is one of the chief gatherings of heads of state of thought leaders from around the world that proposes solutions to globalization.


Bhekisizywe Edwin

Swaziland National Youth Council


Edwin is changing his country at the age of 22.  He works with the National Youth Council of Swaziland and is linking many of the youth initiatives with the countries constitution in and effort to make legal changes for more progressive and youth friendly national development policies.



Organizing Bureau of Europe School Student Unions


Ellen is 20.  She is the executive director of OBESSU, the European platform of pre-university student unions.  OBESSU is a unique structure representing the political voice and interest of Europe's youngest organized youth. 



International Union of Socialist Youth - President


Alvaro is the president of IUSY, which gathers the national level socialist youth organizations from all around the world.  IUSY helps organize many international youth focused social justice conferences.


Osmar de Araujo Coelho

Movomiento Sem Terra (Landless Workers Movement)


Osmar works with Consulta Popular.  He has worked on many projects with the MST and even organized trips for international delegations to better know the movement.  MST is the largest social movement in the world.



European Youth Forum


Giacomo is a representative of the European Youth Forum.  He represented the group at many international conferences including the UN World Conference Against Racism and the World Social Forum.  Giacomo is frequently invited to present workshops on youth participation in the rising global solidarity protest movement.  He participated in the Genoa Social Forum and organized protest against the October 2000 protest against the G8 where a young protester was killed by police.


Joe, quit usweb to become ufo researcher

United States, CA

Joe is the former CEO of US Web, an integrated technolgies and web service firm that absorbed many other web firms in the late 1990s.  In 1998 at the height of the firm's market capitalization he quit and and announced to the world that he was going to research extraterrestrial life and other esoteric studies.  Alternative scientists from around the world sent him texts and resources which he has compiled into a "Library of the Future."  He has founded several leading edge new-physics and new-age think tanks and is currently working on ManyOne, an online trading/alternative media/free university portal.



Colombia Children's Movement for Peace


Gerson Flores is 15.  He has spoken out against antipersonnel landmines for years and has received many international awards for his work.  He has been recognized by three Latin American presidents, the Prime Minister of Holland, Queen Noor of Jordan, as well as Nobel Peace Prize Laureates Rigoberta Menchú and Jody Williams.  He was the first child to speak before the Colombian Congress.



Union of Young Musicians


Dag is the secretary general of the Union of Young Musicians, one of the only associatinos of its kind in the world.




Mike is an entrepeneur and a technologist.  At age 17 he co-founded  TIG is an online community of social change agents and one of the chief resources of youth organizing information on the Internet.  He was hired by Microsoft for a six month consultation on youth and technology.  Today Mike is 19.



Emerging Leaders Network

United States, DC

Leon is native to Bolivia but currently works in the United States.  He has worked as a consultant to many organizations ranging from the World Bank to the Youth Employment Summit.  He has organized dozens of international youth conferences and designed a youth leadership networking and training curriculum which brings together leading edge knowledge and resources for youth empowerment in the form of the ELN.

Goberna I Cabanyes


World Youth Festival 2004


Raimon is the international coordinator of the Catalunya Youth Council.  He works in Barcelona with the 2004 World Culture Festival and is organizing a 10,000 member youth conference to be the 15th World Youth Festival.



Global Action Network


Native to the United States, Sarah runs the Cairo, Egypt office of GAN, a global network and virtual resource center designed to connect, educate, and empower young people dedicated to solving population and reproductive health issues.  GAN has many programs including an e-mentor initiative which matches senior activists, researchers, and foundation leaders with ther younger counterparts for cultural and information exchange and intergenerational partnership.


Thi Lan Anh

Young Journalists Group


Thi Lan Anh is involved in a number of youth initiatives based in Vietnam and internationally. Now 17 years of age, she is developing the Asian Youth Forum network, participating in youth consultation on Agenda 21 in the lead up to this year's World Summit on Sustainable Development and continuing her work with the Young Journalists Group. The YJG has an affiliation of Voice of Vietnam the national government radio in Vietnam which as a listener base of up to 30 million people. With 300 other young journalists Lan Anh works to produce two programmes each week relating to the concerns of young people in Vietnam.



Rassemblement Action Jeunesse (Rally for Youth Action)


Hakim leads the Algerian Rally for Youth Action.  In Algeria, where continued political unrest and tightening government restrictions made it increasingly difficult for NGOs to operate, RAJ succeeded in involving thousands of young Algerians throughout the country in peaceful and educational activities. They carried out dozens of activities, ranging from peace rallies to human rights awareness campaigns



Youth Jams


Tad has worked as an assistant to Tony Robbins and as a consultant to many other leaders and organizations.  In 1996 he organized the first Global Youth Leadership Jam which brought together 30 of the leading youth activists in the world for a one week community building program.  Tad is also a musician and magician.



Youth for Understanding


Susane is the secretargy general of the European of Youth for Understanding.  YfU is one of the widest reaching youth exchange programs.  It actively promotes youth participation in the United Nations and helped set up the International Standards Council of Youth Exchange Programs.



W. K. Kellogg Foundation


Of Japanese ancestry Lis is 28 and one of the youngest women at an exective level in philanthropy in South America.  She is second in command in the W K Kellogg Foundation's Latin American & Carribean Regional Office situated in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  In such a position Lis manages grant analysis and communication with many regional entities ranging from youth NGOs to multi-lateral institutions.  Lis manages these activities in a unique and open way which builds transparency and democracy bypassing the traditional bureaucracy and politics that accompany many foundations.  She also effectively incorporates the voice of youth into decision making processes which has inspired Kellogg North America to hire more young people into executive positions.  Growing up as a member of the Scouts, Lis has organized with youth movements on an international level for many years including the 1998 United Nations World Youth Forum in Portugal. 



Roots and Shoots

United States, CA

Scott is the Executive Director of R&S, a daughter project of Jane Goodall which links 4000 groups in 68 countries.  Each group organizes its own projects to bennefit the environment and consider local and global problems.



International Youth Network Against Racism


When Jimmy was 15 he helped launch "Tolerance and Diversity," a youth led initiative which strengthens community relationships in one of the worst neighborhoods of London.  In 1998 the project won an award from the Clinton administration.  In 1999 Jimmy organized the "London Youth Forum," a permanent forum for young leaders of London to deliver their voice to local and national policymakers.  In 2000 Jimmy was a delegate to Oxfam International's International Youth Parliament as a representative of the UK.  In 2001, in response to the UN World Conference Against Racism, Jimmy began to setup the International Youth Network Against Racism.  Jimmy is also a consultant to many youth programs including the United Religions Initiative UK.


Ibrahim Anyars

All Africa Student Union


Ibrahim is the AASU representative to the United Nations.  AASU is the regional gathering of that National Student Unions of Africa.



International Union of Students


Jaeger is an executive committee member of the IUS, which gathers the National Student Unions from the entire world for conferences and information exchange.



World Movement for Democracy

United States, DC

Ryota is 26 and an organizer of the WMD which seeks to link young democracy activists around the world.  WMD has organized two major global conferences gathering heads of state, democracy experts, and young leaders from around the world.



Rock the Vote - Slovakia


Marek changed his country.  He organized a nation wide campaign to educate young voters and motivate them to participate in elections.  He has been recognized by the World Movement for Democracy and the World Economic Forum for his work.



World Economic Forum


Parag was the first youth employee of the UN Youth Unit.  He now works with the World Economic Forum and is dedicated to strengthening youth participation and voice.



Free the Children


When Craig was 11 he read an article about Iqbal Masih, an 11-year-old Bangladeshi boy who was killed for speaking out against child labor.  In response Craig traveled the world to learn about these problems first hand and gathered friends to create a for-youth, by-youth solidarity movement to fundraise resources, build schools, and enrich the lives of under privelaged youth in developing countries around the world.  Today Craig is 19 and chairman of his 200,000 member international organization Free the Children.



United World Colleges


Michael is the former technology chair of the United World Colleges board.  He has extensive experience working in financial services and has recently founded Metamerge, a diversely minded technology package that converts and channels data to and from diverse database platforms.



Habitat for Humanity - Asia


Rima is native to India but now lives in Chicago, USA, and works with the Interfaith Youth Core.  For the past five years she has been the South Asian regional development coordinator for Habitat For Humanity International, one of the largest volunteer organizations in the world.  HFHI builds houses for underprivelaged people to become first time homeowners.  Rima has worked along side Millard Fuller the HFHI founder and a Whitehouse recognized leader of a major volunteer faith-based initiative.


Alfred Ombudo

African Youth Parliament


Afredo is a member of the National Students Council for Peace in Kenya.  He was a delegate to the October 2000 International Youth Parliament and is currently organize an African Youth Parliament.



World Young Women's Christian Association


Grace is the European coordinator of the WYMCA, which represents youth centers and programs in 170 countries of the world.  An estimated 15 million young people participate in WYMCA programs.


Abdul Hadi

Arab Youth Union


Abdul is the AYU representative before the UN.  AYU is the regional platform of Middle-Eastern Youth.


Anna Blythe

Small Planet Fund

United States, NY

Anna is the daughter of Francis Moore Lappe, the author of Diet for a Small Planet and one of the foremost thinkers of food needs of the planet.  Together with her mother Anna traveled the world examining local solutions to food problems and profiled them in her new book Hope's Edge.  Anna's work reveals a vital and emerging movement of people tackling the root of hunger by building local democracy, revaluing traditional knowledge and food security, redistributing land, rethinking banking, and working cooperatively.



National Youth Council of Russia


Petr is the Secretary General of the NYCR, which represents more youth than any other National Youth Council in the world.



International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Youth and Student Organisation


Miha is the president of the ILGBTYSO, the only international representative body of youth of minority sexual orientation.


Bremley W. B.

Global Youth Service Day

United States, NY

Native to India, Bremley works from NYC as the international coordinator of GYSD.  When he was 13 he organized his school gather materials and resources of flood victims.  His school fundraised more than any school in India.  This activity won him membership to the Indian United Nations Association and eventually he became a traveling member of the musical Peace Child.  In 1992 Bremley was one of the youngest delegates to the UN Earth Summit and helped organize the first UN World Youth Forum in Vienna, Austria 1996, where he presented is work convening a national youth consultation before the Indian parliament where dozens of youth organizers presented their solutions to local social and environmental problems.  Inspired by his work many other young people organized national consultations in their countries earning Bremley the 2000 World Youth Awards of the United Nations.  Bremley is the youth member of many boards and councils around the world.



Vasundhara India


Dhruv is 16.  He started a recycling program in his home city of New Delhi which has spread thruought the city.  Dhruv is also a journalist.  He writes a column for a columni for a weekly London, UK newspaper.  In 1999 and 2000 Dhruv was a delegate to the Millenium Young People's Congress and the International Youth Parliament.  In 2001 he worked as an organizer for Peace Child International in the UK.  He is also the founder of - an online email discussion for global youtn leaders.



Hague Appeal for Peace Youth Network


Olivia is the coordinator of HAPYN.  Growing up between the UK and Spain, Olivia now lives in Geneva.  The HAP convened the largest international peace conference in history, gathering 10000 activists from more than 100 countries.  More than 3000 participants of the conference were youth or representatives of youth programs.  Olivia's work focuses on advancing the "Global Campaign for Peace Education," the only international education campaign which upholds non-violence and diversity training as central needs for youth.



UNEP Youth Advisory Council


James is a physicist and entrepreneur.  He helped design and build Australias first satellite and has represented Australia at dozens of international conferences.  Most recently he helped develop the International Young Professional's Summit.




Nick wrote the "Teenager's Internet Handbook" when he was 15-years-old.  It sold 15000 copies in Australia alone.  In 1998 Nick participated in the MIT Junior Summit and helped pioneer the development of Nation1, an online nation for young people.  As the executive director for the organization Nick helped negotiate a merger with and he built a global network of young journalists for the 2001 UN Special Session on Children -  Today Nick is 19.



World Organization of the Scout Movement


Jacques is the secretary general of the WOSM, which has 25 million members around the world and organizes "World Jamborees" every four years which gather near 50000 youth organizers and allies.



Health Development Network

South Africa

Sisonke is an activist and entrepreneur.  She co-founded New Rennaisance Generation (an online magazine for young African professionals) and works as a facilitator for the Health Development Network.  She moderated the youth caucus of the 2001 UN Special Session on AIDS.



Youth Initiatives


Rajendra is an Asia coordinator of the Alliance for a Responsible and United World.  He is also the founder of Youth Initiatives, a Katmandhu based program that empowers youth.  Rajendra was also selected by the International Youth Foundation as an advisor for their web site



Pan-African Youth Movement


Leonidas, native to Tanzania, is the president of PYM.  PYM is headquartered in Algeria.  It was created in 1962 to strengthen youth cooperation around the continent and struggle against all forms of foreign domination.  PYM represents youth before the UN.



Baladna Project - Association for Arab Youth


Nadem is a Middle East Coordinator of the Alliance for a Responsible and United World.  He is also the founder of Baladna, a development project which fundraises financial and materials support for underprivelaged Palestinian children.  Baladna also hosts an international service program that attracts volunteers from around the world to support education and development of Palestinian youth.



International Young Professional's Summit


Neil is the chairman of the International Youth Professionals Foundation which organized an October 2001 conference to network mobile young leaders around the world.



Youth Employment Summit

United States, MA

Native to Sub-Saharan Africa Dumi speaks five languages, is an AIESEC alumnus, and a local organizer for the Earth Charter.  He works as the youth coordinator of YES providing training and coordination of young leaders around the world.  Incubated by the (MIT connected) Educational Development Center, YES is one of the most networked and developed youth initiatives in the world and has been present at many of the major international youth conferences organizing workshops and inspiring young leaders to organize national youth employment initiatives.  The summit will begin in September 1999 in Alexandria, Egypt and seeks to organize the creation of meaningful employment for a population bulge of 500 million young people who will enter the work force in the next ten years.

Obono Eteng


All Africa Student Union


Flora is an AASU representative before the UN.  The AASU is the African regional platform of the student unions of all African nations.



Interfaith Youth Core

United States, IL

Eboo is 26, a Rhodes Scholar, and founder of the Interfaith Youth Core.  The IFYC is an international movement that gathers young people of diverse religions and brings them together for interfaith reflection and service work.  The combination of interfaith diversity and service work instills young people with a sense of responsibility and interconnectedness which permanently dedicates them to making a difference.  IFYC organized the youth program at the 1999 South African "Council of World Religions" conference.  Eboo has been a keynote speaker at countless Interfaith conferences around the world and is currently living in Chicago, USA, where he and a team of young activists from different religions are setting up an Interfaith intentional community which, they hope, shows itself as a model of cooperation and inspires similar "living with peace" activities around the world.  In the early 1990s when Eboo worked as a school teacher in Chicago he and friends gathered every Tuesday for dinner and enjoyed it so much that they all moved into a house together 9 months later, creating a cultural and community center for youth activists of Chicago.



Arctic Council

United States, AL

Evon is 25.  He is the youngest indigenous chief in Alaska and perhaps all of North America.  He represents his people, the Gwich'in, before the Arctic Council, a partnership between the 8 arctic countries and six major indigenous "organizations" that makes policy recommendations, develops research proposals, and facilitates cooperation between the people and the countries of the arctic.  There is a prophecy that the future leadership of the world will come from the arctic.



World Wide Sports Foundation

United States, MA

Native to Jamaica, Richard founded and sold, an Internet portal for soccer.  Richard has also worked with Jeffrey Sachs (Director of the Harvard Institute for International Development), developed economic policy for the Carribean, traveled around the world playing for Jamaica's national soccer team, co-founded the Worldwide Sports Foundation which is dedicated to the economic advancement of families in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.



Global Youth ACTION Network

United States, NY

Benjamin grew up in France, Spain, and the United States.  When he was 17 he visited the United Nations and the NGO Communication and Coordination Committee.  He was immediately inspired to enable youth participation in the instition.  After working for three years to create a Global Youth Assembly with UN recognition Benjamin switched gears and founde the Global Youth ACTION Network to encourage collaboration among youth groups around the world.



Youth in Action

United States, CA

Peter is an engineer who woke up one day dedicated to youth empowerment and became the Executive Director of YiA.  He has organized two National Youth Platforms and National Youth Conventions in the United States which gathered the voices of 10000 young people into a "statement of youth" which was then presidented to presidential candidates by youth concurrent with the 1996 and 2000 political conventions of major political parties.   YiA has also created a National Youth Action Council, brought 15 young people into the whitehouse to debate with President Clinton, and organized a national gathering on collaboration bringing together the largest youth organizations in the country.  This work is a seed for a government recognized National Youth Council in the USA.



Just Act: Youth Action for Global Justice

United States, CA

Born in the Phillipines, Colin now lives in San Francisco, CA.  He grew up low income communities organizing for social justice.  At age 32 he is now executive director of "Just Act: Youth Action for Global Justice" which is formerly known as the Overseas Development Network.  Just Act has many programs ranging from interchange of young social justice activists to "Bike Aid," a cross-country fundraising, reality-tour bike-trip.  Colin is also Vice-President of "Youth Developent and Cooperation" which is one of the oldest global associations of National social justice youth organizations.



Common Fire

United States, NY

Kavitha spent two years traveling to and writing about countries often overlooked in textbooks. She compiled her writings on culture, critical issues and grassroots movements, into an educational website. Since then, she has co-founded Common Fire, a non-profit dedicated to ‘nuturing lives of service’, and building community.  Kavitha is committed to bartering, working with youth and the collaboration and strengthening of individual activists.  Kavitha is also a consultant to Camp Rising Sun, an international youth leadership program that creates a vision of what the world can be each summer by gathering 120 young leaders from 35 countries for a free 8 week program in Rhinebeck, NY, USA.




Native to Canada, Duane currently works in the UK.  He is a networker and entrepreneur.  He has worked with AIESEC and consulted other organizations developing strategies and business plans.  Among his projects are (a project to link consumer advocacy with corporate opinion research) and Forward Thinkers (a newsletter about new ways of thinking that range from spirtual business to eco-efficiency).  Duane is currently the Internet outreach coordinator for Oxfam UK.


Jose Pablo



Native to Mexico, Jose is the president of AIESEC, the world's largest student organization.  AIESEC was created shortly after World War II to facilitate the exchange of University students who want to travel abroad to a new countries and work for a corporation.  AIESEC also organizes many regional student gatherings that bring together business leaders and students to organize and discuss social an environmental responsibility.

Rivera Palja

Mario Ernesto

Organizacion Continenetal Latinoamericana y Caribena de Estudiantes (Carribean-Latin American Student Organization)


Mario is the president of OCLAE, which gathers the National Student Unions of the Latin American and Carribean region.



World Social Forum


Everton is the chief coordinator of the World Social Forum International Youth Camp.  He is also a strong advocate of the Open Source software movement.


Juan Carlos

FLAJ - Foro Latinoamericano de la Juventud


Juan is a member of the Youth Council of Uruguay and a coordinator of the FLAJ, the regional platform of Latin American youth before the United Nations.


Maria Paula

World Association of Girld Guides and Girl Scouts


WAGGGS is the largest young women's organization in the world.  It contains 12 million members in 180 countries.  Maria Paulo is 22 and the youngest member of the world board.





Eduardo (or Dudu) is a facilitator, networker, and South American coordinator of the Alliance for a Responsible and United World.  He helped launch the Brazilian "Sarau" movement, a local community based ceremony celebrating art, participation, and spontaneous democracy.



Initiative for Policy Dialogue

United States, NY

Nadia is 26.  She works with the IPD along with Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel Laureatte and former Chief Economist of the World Bank.  Nadia can frequently be found in the halls of the capital building in Ethiopia or Indonesia debating with regional leaders about economic policy and reform.  As part of the IPD team she gathers diverse stakeholders and works with Joseph to educate and craft pro-poor economic policies putting appropriate pressure on the World Bank and other international financial institutions effectively creating alternatives to the IMF.  A graduate of Stanford Univerity, Nadia has also worked at the Ashoka Foundation, the Brookings Institute and networks of muslim youth.


Kelly "Vegas"


United States, NV

Kelly is a co-founder of IYOCO.  IYOCO provides an international platform through the Internet for youth to discuss issues that concern them and their communities.  Kelly recently graduated from the Monterey Institute of International Studies where he completed a masters degree in Commercial Diplomacy and published a thesis entitled "A STRATEGY TO GRANT CONSULTATIVE STATUS TO NGOS WITHIN THE WTO". He started his career as an activist at the age of 20 when he wrote an essay titled "Process of Peace" at Minnesota State University.  It details a 12 step approach to Mediation.  He later traveled to Zimbabwe to examine the obstacles to trade and development.  Kelly is also a professional runner.



United States, CA

Josh is a networker, technologist, and co-founder of SAN.  The SAN is a virtual activism community that claims near 20000 members.  It provides virtual advocacy tools (web to fax / web to email) to campaign organizers which helps gather and deliver the voice of youth around the world to corporate and political decision-makers.  Already the SAN has held several corporations socially and environmentally accountable and motivated them to change.


Olubunmi Dapo

Africa Youth Assembly


Dapo is organizing an international African Youth Conference in 2003 in his native Nigeria.  Dapo was a delegate to the International Youth Parliament in 2000.



United Nations of Youth


Juan Salgado, orginally from Mexico, is the director of UNOY, an international association young conflict resolution specialists.  In 2001 UNOY organized a conference in South Africa which gathered two young peace activists from each country in the continent for networking, organizing, and training on conflict resolution.



Africa Action

United States, NY

Aisha leads the youth programs of AA, a USA national organization that works for political, economic and social justice in Africa. Through the provision of information and analysis combined with the mobilization of public pressure, AA works to change the policies and policy-making processes of USA and multinational institutions toward Africa.


Pawan D.

Common Futures Forum

United States, DC

Pawan organized and coordinated the intergenerational initiatives program for the Washington DC based Global Meeting of Generations, a partnership of 16 mostly UN based organizations. This initiative aimed to foster intergenerational partnerships to provide sustainable and complete solutions to developmental problems at local, national and regional levels. The intergenerational initiatives program undertook several activities such as community-based projects, research studies, policy advocacy and organized training’s & seminars. The program was implemented in over 50 countries are and brought together over 5000 people from across the globe. He is now based in India and some of his activities include being the South Asia Representative for the International Centre for Global Aging, Senior Fellow for ASEED India (Asian Society for Entrepreneurship Education Development) India and the India Coordinator for the Youth Employment Summit.


Gregory R.

United States, DC

Gregory is 12 and finishing his third year as a university student.  He organizes a consortium of six projects to provide voice and support to other young people around the world, including a United Youth Congress which seeks to convene young people and policy makers for debate.  Gregory has appeared on "Oprah" (America's most popular talk show) and spoken before thousands of CEOs about his vision for the future.  Many people are very hopeful about the contributions that Gregory and his genious will bring to the world.

Soares Machado

Camilo Ernesto

Casa de la Juventud


Camilo is changing his country.  At the age of five his father was killed struggling for social justice.  When he was 15 he organized a student protest the president who was in hiding in response to rumors of assassination plots.  A wave of activities followed mobilizing and training youth to be come local and national problem solvers.



European Youth Forum


Henrik is a scout and the President of the European Youth Forum, which is the continental platform of European youth before the United Nations



International Youth Parliament


Brett Solomon is an Oceania coordinator of the Alliance for a Responsible and United World.  He works with Oxfam Australia and organized the October 2000 International Youth Parliament which gathered 250 youth activists from 150 countries. 



Action without Borders

United States, NY

Lorene leads the "Kids and Teens" project of, the web site of Action Without Borders.  AWB is one of the leading resources on the Internet for NGO jobs and information.  The receive 12000 unique visitors a day to their site and host organizational information that has been posted by 25000 organizations from 150 countries.



United Nations Youth Unit

United States, NY

Native to the Netherlands, Joop assumed leadership of the UNYU in 2000 following years of work by Bill Angel.  The UNYU maintains the "youth" information resources of the United Nations and organizes the UN World Youth Forum which last took place in Senegal in July 2001.

Thinley Dorjee


The Dalai Lama recognized 17th Incarnate of the Karmapa Lama


Urgyen was recognized by the Dalai Lama as the 17th reincarnation of the Karmapa Lama.  He attracted global attention in December of 2000 when he escaped from his Tibetan dwelling, under control by the chinese, and traveled for eight days to arrived unexpected at the Dalai Lama's home ashram in India.  Urgyen today is 17 and the third highest spiritual leader according to Buddhist relgious laws.



World Indigenous Youth Conference & the Indigenous Non-Indigenous Youth Alliance

United States, CA

Clayton is native to the Cree tribe of norther Manitoba, Canad where he worked on many youth organizing projects.  He now works in San Francisco, CA for INIYA which builds partnerships among indigenous and other youth.  He is also the Chair of the WIYC and knows many other young indigenous leaders from around the world.


Christopher Wiremu Roy

International Research Institute for Maori & Indigenous Education

New Zealand

Chris is a researcher at the IRIMIR.  Chris is Moari as well as a networker and consultatant to many international youth programs.  He was a New Zealand delegate to the International Youth Parliament in October 2000.



Institute for Popular Education


Coumba is coordinator of the Youth Leadership Program at the Institute for Popular Education (IPE) in Mali. She works for women’s empowerment through popular education, and has facilitated hundreds of educational workshops. She speaks regularly at college campuses and conferences internationally, and she also works with 21st Century Youth Leadership Movement to organize numerous exchanges between African-American youth from the Southern United States and African youth from throughout West Africa.



African Youth Network


Koffi is the AYN representative before the UN.  The AYN was created in 1995 to be the regional platform of African youth before the United Nations.  It gathers young leaders to discuss youth policy in areas such as environment, trade, and poverty.


Ignatius Mugabo



The IYOCO provides an international platform for youth to discuss issues that concern them and their communities via the internet. Ignatius has been involved with IYOCO working with human rights, peace education and conflict resolution. His particular focus is on the role of youth in activities in Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi.  Ignatius is a Rwandese peace and human rights youth activist, currently a guest researcher at the Danish Centre for Human Rights. Ignatius is a lawyer with further training in international protection of human rights and conflict resolution. He has also studied armed conflicts, peace keeping and human rights issues at The United Nations University in Tokyo.  IYP is the perfect ongoing forum for Ignatius to share his experiences working in youth affairs for over ten years and in different parts of the world. He has joined a key group of African delegates, from IYP2000 in working towards their joint action plan for an African Youth Parliament in 2002.





Ljubica, like many Serbians could no longer tolerate Slobadan Milosevic as the leader of her country.  She and a group of friends organized a national campaign encouraging people to go to the polls and vote. There campaign was non-partisan but they were terrified of being arrested and beaten by the Serbian military police, but they weren't.  The elections came, Milosevic lost, and Ljubica along with many other members of Otpur (a youth-led national resistence network) stormed Belgrade when Milosevic refused to accept the election results.  Milosevic was thrown from power and Serbia was reborn.  Since the revolution many youth organizers have lost heart but Ljubica has refused to do so and has become one of the youngest members of the countries Ministry of Youth.


Monica Patia

Pacific Youth Council

New Caledonia

Monica is the Executive Secretary of the PYC, which is the regional platform before the UN of national youth bodies of countries in the Pacific Ocean.



Youth Development and Cooperation


Cesar is the president of YDC, a fifty year old assocation of national level social justice youth organizations.  YDC writes a newsletter about the activities of its members and facilitates an exchange program to network and diversify knowledge of youth struggling for social justice.



World Fellowship of Buddhist Youth


Anurut is the president of WFBY, which is the only global association of young buddhists.



Children's Disarmament Campaign

United States, MA

Kimmie Weeks is an internationally acclaimed child rights activist, environmentalist and motivational speaker. Born in Monrovia, Liberia, Kimmie Weeks survived the Liberian civil war and after several life threatening situations dedicated his life to ensuring the protection and well-being of children around the world.  Kimmie served as founder for several humanitarian organizations in Liberia including the Voice of the Future Inc, which currently works as an implementing partner with the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) to provide informal education, health care and rebuilds playgrounds for children in Liberia. In 1996, he established and chaired the Children's Disarmament Campaign, an effort to convince local warlords to disarm the 20,000 Liberian child soldiers fighting and killing each other. Kimmie's third organization the Children's Bureau of Information continues to produce radio programs disseminating messages of reconciliation in Liberia and Sierra Leone.  In a bid to promote his campaign for children, Kimmie Weeks has spoken at the United Nations, the State of the World Forum, and several universities across the U.S. He has also met with several world leaders.  Kimmie Weeks currently serves as Ambassador of UNESCO's Manifesto 2000 for a culture of peace and non-violence, International Coordinator of Voice of the Future Inc., Director of Youth Action International, and on the Board of advisors to Youth for Environmental Sanity (YES).



Student Global AIDS Campaign

United States, MA

Ben is 19.  In Spring of 2001 he helped found the SGAC to bring global attention to the urgent need for action to prevent the deaths of millions.  SGAC has had many successes including convincing pharmaceutical companies to provide AIDS remedies at lower costs in developing countries.



Peace Child International


David is the founder of Peace Child, a youth leadership organization that associates youth activists around the world with each other.  PC organized the 1999 Millennium Young People's Congress and recently set up a partnership with Netaid to channel financial donations from the web directly to youth projects.  Peace Child is one of the best known organizations in the world for believing in the ingenuity and innovating powers of children and youth.