"Creation follows Appreciation."


Dear Friend,


In the final days of his life, Albert Einstein made two recommendations for the future welfare of humanity: 1) a global religion/spirituality and 2) a World Youth Parliament.  How can we work toward this goal of youth participation in global decision-making?


In recent years the Global Youth ACTION Network has struggled to facilitate collaboration and cooperation among youth movements.  We have created the largest database of youth organizations in the world (as far as we know) and have nurtured relationships with many of the most trusted and resourceful young leaders of our generation. 


We believe the time has come to link the financial, political, intellectual, and spiritual trust of the global youth movement into a network of allies that we call the Global Youth ACTION Network’s Partnership Initiative Key Stakeholders Network.  We hope to collaborate and make a more inclusive, democratic, transparent, accountable, and decentralized global youth network.  Your participation will be very helpful and your responsibilities will be limited.  In fact, we invite you to take part as an individual rather than as an organization.  To this end, in a way that is appropriate and convenient, your responsibilities will be:


1) Committing a minimum of four hours of your time per year to the network for consultation through the phone or in person.


2) Sharing your work with the network and the network's work with your community as appropriate.


Other opportunities include:


1) Representing the network at various global events such as the World Economic Forum and the World Social Forum


2) Receiving the contact information of the other network members


3) Optional usage of a 100 MB email account from youthlink.org (forwarding/pop access etc.)


4) Owning a copy of the "GYAN Outreach Database" of key national and international youth organizations ranging from National Youth Councils to anarchist networks


5) An invitation to incorporate your materials into GYAN's "Comprehensive Package of Youth Solutions" and the DEWYN - "Democratically Edited World Youth Newsletter," which will be distributed via email and fax to the entire GYAN database (all the Youth Ministries in the world etc.)


The Mission: To facilitate intergenerational partnership in global decision-making.


The Vision: 1) To position youth on the world stage as a key stakeholder and solution provider and 2) To create new opportunities for global decision-making through the appreciation and networking of youth contributions to their communities and the world.

The Values: Diversity, Democracy, and Transparency


Please reply to this email to confirm your interest.  Include your current contact information and any other information that you would like to add to a new global youth publication (DEWYN).


The read about initial list of stakeholders, the eligibility requirements, the selection criteria, and other details about the Global Youth ACTION Network and the context of this Key Stakeholders Network please check out http://www.youthmovement.org and http://www.takingitglobal.org


Also, if you have any questions or feedback about this letter, the network, or it members please tell me.


Jonah Wittkamper

Global Youth ACTION Network