Youth  participation  in  development





Who are youth?

Why youth?

Why now?

What makes youth unique?

What is participation?

What is development? Social change?

What is youth participation?



What is youth participation in development? In social change? What is the difference?

Why is it important?

Why now?

How does it happen?

What works?

What doesn’t

How do you know (how do you evaluate?)





Youth participation in development



Youth are (definitions):

. Biological

. Neuro & Psychological

. Sociological

. Political

. Economic

. Historical



. Problems:

. Opportunities:


Participation is (definitions):

. Personal development

. Voice

. Representation,

. Policy making

. Advocacy & lobbying

. Activism

. Leadership

. Management

. Institution building

. Decision-making

. Defining priorities

. Making value judgments

. Assuming responsibility


What is development? Social change?

. Personal development

. Development at the community level

. National SC&D

. Political SC&D

. Economic SC&D

. Material SC&D

. Moral evolution? Spiritual evolution?

Definition of youth participation:





Definition of youth participation in social change and development: